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If you would like to get in touch to discuss any of HB’s services, please text, call or email. You can book directly online via the booking system. Please note to choose your booking type correctly and note that the time it is booked in the timezone of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, so check what that means to you in the timezone where you will be for the appointment. Thank you. This is your responsibility.

HB serve’s the global community via online platforms and offer In-Clinic sessions also. We welcome all people, of all cultures, of all statuses and sex. We believe in freedom of speech and freedom to choose. We believe in you exactly how you are.

HB McQueen

East Coast Central Queensland

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0433 777 775

HB’s level of qualification and commitment accumulates to over 16,000 clinical hours in healing Patients including Paediatrics (children), of varying complexities of trauma for over 4 decades, and this expertise care and wisdom gives you the possibility to claim health care rebates. Please check with your provider for eligibility and your personal level of coverage.

HB is the real deal and is a Founding Member of the regulatory body of Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists at the Clinical level, and has sat on the board of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. She is a Shamaness Lightwarrior Healer and an anointed High Priestess. Her wisdom encompasses science and Spirit and the bridge between all things earthly and beyond.

Your coherence assures your success.

REVIEWS of truth, love, compassion and power

We can’t post them all after 4 decades of Shamanic Lightwarrior Healing because there are 1000’s, so here’s a small recent snippet which will give you a deep feel of HB’s power, love and compassion. We hope you love reading them…….

“A miracle worker walking on earth! I am blown away by HB’s healing powers! She helped me seek further spirit guidance through intuitive massage that helped me to relieve pain in my right shoulder. My spot was very hot and soothing for around 3 days, and the pain was away in an instant in the session, and after the next week I felt like a new born! HB also helped me to remove pain from my right foot which suddenly appeared! She worked this time from a distance with my permission for 3 days for roughly 20 minutes at a time, and I felt her soothing warm healing energy again, and was walking normally in the morning straight when I woke up. What an amazing gift HB has with so much power and knowledge to share to our planet! I am beyond grateful to receive her help. Her healing power is extraordinary and her knowledge has changed my life forever! Thank you with deep gratitude. (Sorry English is my 2nd language)”
Deepwater, Australia

“I had a beautiful healing treatment with HB for my knee that was popping everytime I walked & giving me some discomfort & a nerve in my shoulder that was pinching! The treatment lasted around half an hour and by the end of the healing, my pain in both my knee & shoulder had completely disappeared! Would highly recommend HB to anyone!!”
Birdsville, Australia

“I had a tooth removed lately & it was giving me some serious grief. I ended up with dry socket & was getting migraines! I messaged HB & she was able to give me a healing over the phone while I was on a break at work! After about 15 minutes on the phone, she had managed to take away a huge amount of aching from my jaw & my migraine had gone! GONE!! And I was able to finish the day feeling like myself again!”
Great Keppel Island, Australia

“I engaged in an hour session with HB McQueen and experienced amazing results with pain relief I experienced in the backs of my knees. Also had some discomfort in shoulder area which has ceased. Thank you for your care and dedicating your time with me.”
Melbourne, Australia.

“After a mixed modality healing session with “HB” my shoulder pain was greatly relieved and I had significantly increased my range of movement and my knee pain was gone completely after 24 hours. The other major side benefit of the healing session was the feeling of being in a safe space and relieving emotional distress also. HB’s healing was intuitively on the mark and gratefully received.”
Agnes Water, Australia

“Hi HB I just thought I would give you an update about my leg and how it is going after our session the other day. AMAZING!! The fluid in my leg is continuing to feel a lot less pressure and light, and the bruising is going. I can walk again! I am getting closer to wearing my normal shoes again. I am so grateful for your healing and would like to book in again when I am back from my trip. I have also released 4 kilos! Thank you for your loving healing.Love Bec”
Canberra, Australia

“We had a great chat which helped me calm my mind. She reminded me to look at the bigger picture and stay true to who I am. Feeling more positive, relaxed and ready to move forwards again”
Brisbane, Australia

“Hi HB, I’m sorry to bother you on a Friday night but I just wanted to give you some great news… Remy has had 14 dry nights in a row!!!!!! He just got back from school camp, where he remained dry. I couldn’t be more thrilled that he has managed to stretch it to 2 whole weeks now. Just wanted to share the excellent news, and we’re grateful to you.”
Sydney, Australia.

“I would like to give HB McQueen a testimonial.
I met HB in April 2023. Three weeks later my back went into deep muscle spasms.
Within 10 minutes of a session with HB my pain had subsided from a ten to a one and it held there as it healed, and and is holding with no more spasms at all.
I was so pleased with the speed of the results one week later I spoke to HB to see if she was able to fix bone on bone arthritis in my knees (which I had endured for the past 30 years) and if so I wanted a session. In 15 minutes of the session my knees felt blank, no pain, stiffness or inflamation, period. I don’t drag my left foot at all now, and I hardly use my cane anymore or need the pain meds, only occasional paracetamol. In the weeks following my relief is very good and my sleep is improved. Of course the healing is continuing as all muscles, tendons and nerves repair and reset but I am well on the way. I am sharing this testimonial early in the healing process but I am pleased to share my joy with everyone and it only took a few minutes on the phone.
I am in awe with HB’s skills, they are numerous.
Ongoing update coming soon,Standby!!!
Thank you so much HB !!!”
San Francisco, USA

“HB has been an amazing help for me and my self esteem – I was able to learn so many skills to empower myself and reduce the anxiety in challenging situations. I feel so much better about myself and I wouldn’t be in this position without her positive support and services.”
Sydney, Australia

“Just wanted to do a shout out incase anyone needed help with pain relief, counselling or hypnotherapy. HB McQueen is truly powerfully gifted … I have benefitted from all of the above and her skills have to be tried to be believed, pain, trauma, anxiety, depression eased, then gone so quickly. I live in UK and still her remote healing worked within minutes and I was pain free. She is so easy and wonderful and extremely helpful to talk to putting my fears into perspective.. soothing my anxiety with hypnosis. I have referred my family to her and they have also benefitted from her powerful Lightworker gifts, especially my 12 year old Grandaughter.
I can’t recommend this incredible woman highly enough.”
Sheffield, UK

“Hi Hollie-Berri it felt so good thanks. Relaxed and clear. What more could I want?”
Tasmania, Australia

“I had a psychic reading with HB and was impressed with the depth she went to and the accuracy of the reading. I have been needing guidance on a particular matter and HB zeroed in on that straight away. She seems to have a strong connection with spirit/God and so the advice is very accurate. Her healing ability is the most powerful I have experienced and it was pure connection and compassion. It felt divine in the truest of meanings.”
Lowmead, Australia

“I had a healing session with HB and she introduced me to a drumming rhythm which set the scene. I was quite relaxed and quickly had a pink colour (LOVE) in my mind, then, a violet colour (Healing), and a bright blue colour whenever she moved her hot hands across in front of my face. It was a powerful and deeply spiritual session. Thank you for the healing and the beautiful experience HB. I have referred others to you. Thank you”
Lowmead, Australia

“HB is extremely experienced and professional in her work.
Her compassion, humour and empathy make you feel so relaxed and comfortable around her.. I would recommend HB if you are struggling and need support and guidance.”
Agnes Water, Australia

“Thank you for your amazing session yesterday, your ability to hold a safe and nurturing space was 2nd to none i have experienced. My nervous system did a recalibrate, I feel relaxed , lighter and peaceful. My aches and pains have all but gone and I feel balanced. Thank you for sharing your amazing abilities..”
Agnes Water, Australia

“I went to HB to get help to quit smoking. I was that bad I even smoked on the way to her. The experience was very relaxing but when it finished I thought that nothing had happened. Something did happen obviously because I have not had one nor craved one since I left her premises and that was about a year ago. Highly recommended.”
Agnes Water, Australia

“During my ongoing contact with HB and her personalised and broad services. I have experienced profound spiritual contact, addressed issues of self love, relationship, addiction and family/generational trauma. The relieving release: physically, mentally and spiritually, the unconditional support, and tangible tools that Hollie-Berri has fine tuned through her multifaceted life and work experiences are shared passionately and have a profound effect in aiding any area of pain or ailment of the spirit. I appreciated her generous heart of the Lightworker she is.
I could not recommend HB’s clinical and psychic abilities highly enough, an extremely professional and playful person who is truly invested in living through high vibration energy, experience and existence. She walks the talk.”
Agnes Water, Australia

“Hi HB, I wanted to let you know I’m not booking another session as I am feeling 150% better since seeing you the other week. I’m swimming in the ocean and enjoying it with no fear. Pete and I had a very good chat and are back to our old selves and enjoying each other again. I feel totally in control of myself for the first time since I left Adelaide and loving my life, so I wanted to thank you for helping me find myself again.
Take care and I will probably see you around Agnes no doubt.”
Monto, Australia

“I am a Practitioner myself and was referred to HB by another therapist friend.
I got so much out of my online session with HB. I felt she was on point with getting to the source of my problems, and I experienced an easing of symptoms immediately. HB helped me to see things from a new perspective which helped greatly. Much gratitude HB”
Yeppoon, Australia

“Hey HB, back home now, life is amazing as a non smoker, thanks for the help to find a healthier lifestyle, wondering what was the name of the lung cleanse? Thanks again and keep banging the drum.”
Sunny Coast, Australia

“After a mixed modality healing session with ‘HB’ my shoulder pain was greatly relieved and I had significantly increased my range of movement and my knee pain was gone completely after 24 hours. The other major side benefit of the  healing session was the feeling of being in a safe space and relieving emotional distress also. HB’s healing was intuitively on the mark and gratefully received.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I live in a remote area (Burton BC Canada) as a mother I reached out to HB when my daughter was suffering with anxiety and was relieved the moment we spoke. We received the most amazing counselling and in a very short period of time. I would recommend this amazing gifted woman to anyone seeking to find healing in all forms. HB is a versatile Clinical Hypnotherapist and healer who can adapt to anyones needs.”

British Columbia, Canada

“I had 3 hypno sessions with HB McQueen. I was amazed how intuitive and caring she was toward me. I went to see her for one particular issue, but it ended up being more. HB really helped me with these issues, and made me see things from a whole different perspective. I would 100% recommend HB McQueen to anyone who needs help in any way. I’m glad I found her.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I would like to thank HB for fitting me in so quick after jarring my neck and having little movement. She was Amazing and worked well due to me being pregnant and couldn’t lay on my stomach. I now have full movement again in my neck and would  100% recommend HB to everyone :)”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I quit smoking and have never approached my life with such a positive,happy outlook!! You are amazing!!”

Ballina, Australia

“Good Morning Hollie-Berri. Hope things are going well for you. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my sobriety and our first meeting. I’ve never been busier and more productive in my life. My relationships with my wife and kids are also great. Just wanted to say hello and say thank you again. Forever grateful. Lots of hugs, G.”

Bundeena, Australia

“How amazing!! Xx did a session and some work on my foot and back ! It’s just phenomenal healing.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“Highly recommend this incredibly gifted woman”

London, UK

“Open yourself up to the new healing energies that are flowing into the planet now,  and have it done by this great healer, HB with LOVE and skill.”

Miriam Vale, Australia

“Today I had a healing session with HB McQueen. It was so powerful and deeply healing. She tapped into my energy and helped me to clear arising issues from my past to move forward. I was astonished at how accurate she was at intuitively knowing what needed to be cleared, and the accuracy of her knowing exact timelines and event details. She read my body. I also was amazed at how I felt after my session with her. I had previously had a knee injury and she knew which knee it was without me telling her.  All of the pain I felt before the session was now completely gone.  I was amazed by it and I was even able to run and feel strong in my knees immediately after the session. I wasn’t able to even walk free of pain for over a month, so it was amazing that I could run pain free after a half hour healing session with HB.  I personally highly recommend HB , she is gifted with genuine healing and intuitive abilities. I have stepped into a better version of myself. The feelings I had of freedom and love after knowing she cleared the childhood trauma and fear that I have held onto for so long was enlightening. I am truly grateful. Thank you HB. x”

Agnes Water, Australia

“My experience with Lightwork Healing and Hypno with HB made me feel instantly grouned & I felt safe while she guided me. I  expressed the trauma and HB cleared it and I felt cleansed, clear & supported.  Big Love and gratitude.  100% recommend.”

Cave, South Island, New Zealand

“I had the privilege of using HB’s services over a few months. My experience was a subtle, steady flow of increased confidence, self-worth, speaking up for myself, introduction of boundaries, moving into my own power and reclaiming and embodying my woman-ness and joy for life. I felt nurtured, able to express myself and became more open and transparent. Any discomfort I felt over that time also dissipated into nothingness. I would highly recommend HB for a wide range of issues, especially anything you find as a sticking point on how to move forward and embrace your life, how to heal from the inside out, self- expression and pure joy for life. I cannot thank her enough for her honesty, truth, joy and excitement she has brought into my life. Thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I feel fantastic thanks to you HB! I’ve cut the cord and moving forward!! The session was very powerful for me and I’m proud of myself for doing it for myself, you are a winner, thanks again. You are my Guardian Angel. X”

Ballina, Australia

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting hb in person in agnes for a healing , her energy is so bright and loving . After being rid of negative energy,  heaviness and anxiety, I insisted my partner also receive a healing . An hour after our sessions we were still revisiting our wonder and awe. We were cleared of blockages and ready for the next phase of life. Officially long term clients now!”

Calliope , Qld 

“HB is a powerful Lightworker and Healer I go to the women’s circles she facilitates and each time I am blown away by how amazing I feel afterward. Each session is different as she guides them intuitively but every time it is exactly what I need. I couldn’t recommend getting work done by HB enough!! Her ablilites truely transend all expectations. I’ve been to many healers over the years and her sessions are the only ones I’ve felt to make an impact, I always leave her sessions so cleansed and cleared.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“Good morning Hollie-Berri, I can sum up my experience with Hollie-Berri as love in a hug!  As soon as I got up on the table I could feel myself letting go of behavior patterning that I have been hanging onto for far too long.    My pain had diminished by the time I got off the table too. Thank you for helping me see what IS!  And to start making better choices for myself.   Thank you for helping me see that it’s time for a change.   Much love Sonya.”

Brisbane, Australia

“I have found HB to be a wonderfull person and healer. She is honest and very caring. Her Shamanic healing is amazing. It went right to my soul. HB has helped centre me and calm me by removing the power from my inner child and focusing on my higher self. It has made me feel much stronger. She has given me belief in myself. I highly recommend her for removing trauma and building self belief. I am thankfull for what she has taught me.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“Just a small update 🙂 I feel so amazing!! Honestly since that negative self talk has stopped I just don’t do the things I was and it’s no effort!!! I honestly can’t believe it and I’m so looking forward to continuing my healing process thank u, u r truely amazing!!! xo”

Agnes Water, Australia

“Hi Hollie-Berri, I was wanting to reschedule Luke’s session for about 2 weeks. He has been to school everyday, is eating much healthier and seems so much happier and everyone has noticed a huge improvement in him. Thanks so much for your miraculous help so far. You are amazing. Thank you, Melissa.”

Sydney, Australia

“Although sceptical at first I have to admit my sessions with Hollie-Berri have made a such a positive impact in my life . It’s hard to pinpoint but I feel more energised, lighter in the mind and with that new found energy comes the ability to re engage in activities that I had felt unable to do before. I appreciate Hollie-Berri’s no nonsense approach , as there is so much kindness felt in every healing practice. Whenever I feel my panic attacks are becoming overwhelming Hollie-Berri is there as part of the “getting well” process. I’ll never forget your hypnosis/ healing sessions making it possible for me to get onto that cruise ship when I felt so anxious about it , now I have amazing family memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you Hollie-Berri you have a special gift. Monique”

Sydney, Australia

“Hi Holli-berri, Thankyou it was wonderful this morning. It is very noticeable in my feet. There is no pain when walking, I feel lighter & more energised. I feel it was well worth the visit to see you today. Hopefully I will continue to improve. I even feel like drinking more water even when it isn’t hot. Hope your day was very successful. Thankyou again, very glad of the session.”

Cronulla Australia

“Hey HB, It was lovely seeing you, it was an amazing experience.  You are very gifted. And I’m so grateful for your time. Feeling so good. Much love always. “

Burraneer, Australia

“Quick update on myself, I’m going so good!!!  U have changed my life HB.  I lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks and I’m not even trying!!! I’m hardly drinking alcohol and I can’t get enough water and healthy food. I have energy and I’m back living life xo”

Captain Creek, Australia

“HB your direct and compassionate way about you made me feel so held. I’ve had a lifetime of abuse from my mother and finally at age 42 I am free. You’ve done absolute wonders for me Hollie-Berri. My kids have noticed I’m more relaxed and happier now. Thank you for being there for my family too. We are all grateful.”

Greenhills, Australia

“Before meeting  HB l was unsure  what to expect, so l allowed it to fate.  Fate surely guided me to a very beautiful experience. When l walked in the room there was a beautiful light and peace. HB has a warm and confident manner and she was absolutely spot on with my body and what blockages and very specific about experiences l have had. I was amazed. After the beautiful healing l was more confident peaceful and quite pain free. Every day l feel a shift and have a more clearer view on my life. Balancing my chakras aligned me but the most obvious was the change in my gut and the bloating had reduced dramatically by the end of the session and is still going down. The healing is continuing Thankyou HB you are a beautiful light and l feel like I have known you for a long time.  lots of love to you. Thankyou xx”

Punchbowl, Australia

“I am blown away by the session I had with HB. My legs were uneven in length since my hip operation I had over 4 years ago.  In just 1 session they are now even in length and I have no pain at all. It’s incredible and such a relief. And another thing was that I had unexplained spots which were randomly coming up over my body over the past 4 months. And HB has cleared those too which the Dr’s couldn’t. I am so happy with the results. Unbelievable. I’m so grateful.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“Thank you 🙏…. As a light worker I relish in providing uplifting presence to those who walk with me. Surrounded by nature I can recharge and empower myself to being of love & light. My journey has had many teachers and although the knowledge I know lies within me, in my human existence, I occasionally need to find realignment to shift my mindset and remove stuck shadows and to remind me light is way more powerful than shadows. Enter the beautiful HB McQueen, I thank you and honour your services and love you provide. You seriously have a wonderful gift. xo”

Moore Park Beach, Australia

“I had a session with HB last week. HB is so in tuned with the body and mind. HB was able to pinpoint my aches and pains thru my body and was able to alleviate most of was occurring. I had lots of follow up feelings through out the next few days as she was in constant contact telling me exactly what would happen with body and mind . I highly recommend HB and her practices and I will continue to have follow up sessions should I require them .”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I was helped by HB after months of seeing 11 Doctors who couldn’t help me. After a half hour session, I felt pain free and could literally breathe again. I had been feeling heavy like I had an axe in my chest and it was very enlightening having HB remove it. My diaphragm softened  and I felt good for the first time in months. If you want pain removed then go see HB. Her care calls were much appreciated as well. You have changed my life and I thank you.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I had a session with HB McQueen. It was very peaceful and I felt great during and after the session. I gained some really great insights and clarity into some of my current challenges. “

Agnes Water, Australia

“I had been referred by half the town to go see HB for a complex trauma event I experienced decades ago. I have seen Doctors, psychologists, healers, and no one could really help. I’m so glad I saw her because I am 100% free of it after one double appointment! I am astonished at the speed of healing from HB and her accuracy of knowing my body. The pain has left me for good.”

Agnes Water, Australia

“I had the most amazing experience with HB! I had anxiety, pain & negative thoughts everyday for the last 3 years! I went there with an open mind, though I didn’t expect HB to “know” certain issues and also why, she is highly intuitive! After an hour with HB I felt light, refreshed and relaxed!  My thoughts are positive, I am close to pain free, and my anxiety “what anxiety?!” Here and there “not so nice thoughts” pop in, I acknowledge, accept and now turn them around into positive thoughts! I feel connected, content and I deserve to feel this way!  Thank you so much for what you do, who you are and what you know HB.”

Tannum sands, Australia

“I had a lifetime of ‘stuck energy’ release like a volcano .. things I had been working on for years with no repreave. Physically afterwards has been amazing. The lack of pain and restriction in my movement has been mind blowing. I have a strength emotionally and physically that I haven’t felt maybe ever in this lifetime. Very grateful.. highly recommended.”

Nebo, Australia

“Good morning Hollie-Berri , I just wanted to thank you so so much for helping me quit smoking and opening my lungs to be able to breath fully again .I haven’t had a smoke or even had 1 single craving or urge to even have one! It’s been awesome and I wish I knew decades ago that it could be so easy. You have changed my life. I can’t wait to see what happens next as we keep working together in the future!!!!!!!! Thanks so so much again I can’t put words to how I feel !!!!!!!”

Mackay, Australia

“Hi Hollie-Berri, just letting you know that today(16-01-24) I hit 1000 days sober.  You saved my life. Sending you lots of love. G“

Bundeena, Australia

“I QUIT SMOKING! Hollie-Berri you are a wonder. My BF knew you would be the one to finally get me here and when I felt your powerful presence I knew she was right! I can breath, laugh without coughing and am in a happy mood all the time! The pain in my shoulder is 100% resolved too! I have told everyone I know about you and what a positive force you are. Thank you thank you.”

Noosa, Australia

“HB’s channelling if off the charts. Reading my body without me telling her anything about it,was off the charts. She has completely healed all of the pain I came in with. I can move freely, have been sleeping like a baby and have lost weight! It’s the best money I have ever spent.”

Coolum, Australia

“HB’s presence felt soft, safe, honest and empowering. My hour healing was quite surreal. HB’s psychic and healing ability was uncanny, reading me like a book she pinpointed many personal physical ailments and emotional issues. HB released all of my stored up trauma and physical pain. I don’t know another Medical Intuitive on this planet who can do what she has done, and I have searched and seen many so called ones. It’s a rare level of healing indeed. I hopped off her table with a balanced body, it felt different just to stand there. I am lighter, brighter and free. A total reset! You were well worth saving $ for. Such a positive force you are HB. Thank you x”

Agnes Water Australia

“I had so much excitement leading up to seeing Hollie-Berri. The reviews from my family members made me instantly want to book in. Hands down best decision ever, she is amazing, beyond words. I knew it was going to be a life changing experience, but not on this level. Made the trip especially from Mackay to Agnes, it’s such a lovely town, beautiful people, weather, beaches and food. Would come back in a heartbeat. HB your amazing, thank you 🙏 😍 xx “

Mackay, Australia

“My partner booked us in, and I came in feeling a little skeptical. HB was very easy to open up to and talk to. When I stood up off the table I felt an instant change in myself, goose bumps over my whole body which continued throughout the whole day. I look forward to taking on the advice given and the long term effects. Definitely grateful for the experience. “

Mackay, Australia

“I work in a Coal mine in Blackwater. I have suffered severe trauma from events in my childhood and have had a pretty hard life. I guess it all lead me to HB. A mate in the mines had seen HB a few years ago and been at me for years to come.  I am so glad I did! I am sleeping better than I ever have and the pain in my back is completely gone and I don’t have nightmares anymore. I am now urging my other mates to go see her like Patto did for me. I am happier than I’ve ever been and its because of HB. She is a beautiful woman who I respect greatly. Thank you HB. I’ll be back.”

Blackwater, Australia

“Extremely grateful for my meeting with HB when we were camping and she approached us about our gifted daughter. Wow her amazing big energy, we couldn’t help but take the trip the following weekend down south and book both myself and partner in! HB is a very gifted and talented woman! One I aspire to be like! She has helped our family with a range of different things from drinking & smoking to healings and releasing of energies and pain, we have recommended and have sent multiple family members to see her & they 100% can agree she is magical!!  Thankyou again HB for all the amazing work you do! You are truly divine!!! “

Mackay Australia

“Personally I haven’t felt a shift in energy to that extent before with any healing in my life, the session gave me much needed direction in life and confirmation on personal questions I had without having to say much at all. The Psychic ability and healing powers HB  have are incomparable. Will be a returning customer definetley. Thankyou HB”

Mackay, Australia

“HB and I have completed two online sessions. Our first healing was long and deep, reaching iniside of an old soul wound with clarity and cleansing. This then created space to see the next part of my journey which is learning to ground and accept support, as well as give it out. This, I intend to focus strongly on in the next season on my journey. HB has a fantastic sight to see where the body is out of balance. I have followed her instructions including diet, stretching, sounding and adjusting belief systems in the unconscious. Her “boot camp” approach helped me to stick to the guidance offered to assist in accountability needed to embody new habits. Thank you HB for your LIGHTWORK, blessings as it extends far and wide into the hearts of many.”

The Coromandel, New Zealand

“Well I finally found you Sister! HB! You are an incredibly powerful woman and it’s great that after lifetimes we have reconnected! I am also a Lightworker and have been getting stuck on a piece of Karma for years. It was wild and unruly when it would take hold of me and NOONE who I have seen globally could help. I have searched for 40 years & NOONE could until my session with HB. My Island is filled with healers and ancient wisdom yet the issue would never completely resolve.  I had 2 sessions with HB over the phone while I am in Hawaii and she in Australia. Her energy, power and connection to everything had me levitating above my bed! I have referred many of the Healers on my island to her as well. HB you know you are a Star Mother and I know you are too! The healing work I have been doing since resolving my issue with others is now effortless and dynamic. I have gratitude for you every day. Every single day you are a part of my life and now a part of all of my clients lives as I pay my respects to my lineage which is you. You are my guru. Mahalo HB McQueen.”

Hawaii, USA

“Was just going to message you to tell you that things are moving so fast in a positive direction . I’m keeping up and so busy. Absolutely wonderful what you’ve done. I must say I was going to call you today but I’m in hyper drive and sorted out a system to make our simple life complete and effortless. Had about a day of intense release which has subsided now into a solid and stable vibe. Everything is perfect. You’re the real deal my friend. Cya soon”

Agnes Water, Australia

“What a beautiful, positive experience! I recently had a healing session with HB for knee pain and associated discomfort in my lower back. The knee pain is gradually improving and I notice every day that there are small things I can do, which I wasn’t able to before. As she advised, I hold my knees and send them healing love and they are responding. I would highly recommend HB to anyone who is experiencing pain in their body. She is a beautiful, compassionate healer. Xx”

Agnes Water, Australia

“My name is Jean, and I had a healing with HB, and it was incredible. She told me everything about myself and I didn’t tell her  anything. The healing was incredible. I felt the energy flowing through my body and two hours after the healing I could still feel the energy flowing through my body. I recommend HB if you are looking for someone to heal you. “

Agnes Water, Australia