Shamaness Lightwarrior Healer

HB has revealed her true self and all knowing of herself since early childhood.

Do you want her to be the wayshower for you to reveal your true self too?

Hollie-Berri, also affectionately known as HB, is anointed as a High Priestess, and her super power Master Medical Intuitive Starseed Lightwarrior which is a very rare gift combination. It seems like alot because it is. HB is a Shamaness, and enveloped daily in Ceremony, channelling and is deeply earthy and immersed in the power of Spirit. She is guided by her ancestors and shaped by the elements of the earth and space around her. But HB is also a no fuss woman. She is direct and in active compassion she will ‘boot camp you’ to reveal who you are and you will be wilfully pursuing the truth with her. When you are in her presence you feel no fear. Instead, you know and you have courage to reveal your essence unabashed and powerfully so. All of your systems will merge to coherency and you will never be the same again. HB saves lives and irreversibly transforms souls. HB is one who will light your path for your journey when you have the courage to say yes. She will guide you to connect with your own spirit guides and teach you to heal yourself, and love the life you have. Everything is possible and HB will help you to clear dense energy and shift fields of emotions which may have manifested physically.
As a Medical Intuit Lightwarrior, HB is renowned for removing physical pain in Patients which allows the spirit to soar beyond from where it has been stagnant for years, maybe even eons. Hollie-Berri has been blessed with a depth of knowledge of the psychology of Human behaviour and emotional patterns with over 16,000 healing hours, as well as innately being lovingly compassionate she has the strongest connection to beyond the veil in spirit. She is the complete Lightworker and embodies everything a human being could need to heal and ascend. She will teach you what you need to know.

Your healing is your choice. Permission is always sought prior to her sharing her energy with you.

You can expand your consciousness and live a great life if you choose to. HB is a key for ascension, connecting with your DNA, for self compassion, for understanding your innate, for living your life with joy.

HB will lovingly and kindly clear you and prep you for your journey forward.
You will leave in positive polarity, with courage firmly grounded and powerfully adjusted into freedom. What you do next with your freedom is up tp you……….