There are no mistakes. There are only lessons.

I run informative and very fun workshops. No matter what we are learning you will enjoy the intuitive flow in which each workshop is run. There is no 2 workshops the same, though each is loaded with raw grit and humaness.

POWER UP Workshops were devised because I realised a lot of my Patients and students do not realise their potential; or how to access their breath and personal power. It is facilitated through my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Yoga Coach, Sound Soaker and Pranayama Teacher. These workshops are eloquently packed with a punch.

The VISION Workshops are devised to encapsulate creativity through vision boards, art, dance, song and mantra.

These are explosive with expression and each session ends with the most powerful meditation.

I know you will love to join one of these workshops. They are full of fun, laughter and freedom. You can leave your inhibitions at the door.

Who is HB McQueen?

HB is a Starseed Lightworker, a Shamaness, and anointed as a High Priestess. A powerful Healer earthy and immersed in the power of Spirit. She is deeply shaped by the elements of the planet and space around her and deeply loved by her guides, angels and ancestors. HB is the one who will hold the light for your journey when you have the courage to say yes. She will walk with you and teach you to heal yourself, and love the life you have. Everything is possible and HB will help you to clear dense energy and shift fields of emotions which may have manifested physically. She is exceptional at removing levels of pain and inflammation immediately. A True miracle worker.

Here is some descriptions from beautiful Souls who have experienced her bright energy for themselves over the decades, years, months and days of her life..…….

“Miss HB, Where to start Amor… I love you! You are my warrior woman, a mentor, a great friend, someone who I know will always have my back. I admire you as a nurturing mother, a provider, a protector, a healer, a mentor – you have lived an amazing life, one that you have created for yourself. I love watching you harness your power and sprinkle it over others. It’s been a wonderful experience being with you, and that heart you have is enormous! Watching you share your gifts and powerful spirit with the world is so inspiring. Words cannot describe the deep love I have for you. You have given me such love, guidance, support, held space for me and really empowered me to live the life I want and I realise that I am enough. The laughs we have had, you would think that I would have a 6 pack by now! I treasure every incredible moment. You’re stuck with me for life now! Love you more than you could know, Love Sally.”

“HB you have always had a big energy and you continue to do so. I see you remembering, shaping, and growing into a powerful channel more and more to make an even greater impact on this world. You are fun and zany at times; always ready with a big laugh. I like your easy grace and choose to share your gifts to help others. You are a powerhouse and I love you back. Mark”

So strong, determined and tuned in with others. You have a real gift and the generosity to share it. Jonathan”

“HB you have helped me in is many ways. Thank you for modelling to me what it means to be an empowered woman but soft and nurturing mother. Your energy and love for life shines through and your laugh is contagious. You are a powerhouse and I’m so happy that I can now call you a friend. See you in AUS. Luv Kacie”

“Dearest Hollie-Berri, Thanks for your warmth and guidance and big smiles! You have got a really special talent, continue helping people and shining your light. Your connection to spirit is deep. Cannot wait to meet you again on our beautiful planet earth. Love Krisiina”

“Honey Bee, It has been my pleasure to get to know you so well over our the past 2 weeks. You’re such a calm, chilled, no fuss woman with a nurturing and maternal vibe around you, in a real way. Thanks for the session too, it really helped me with the feeling of being really overwhelmed, anxious and took me so deep- I felt so divine afterwards. I have realised that I know love myself- still gotta work on Shakti rising hahahahaha. Cant wait for many catch ups. Love Paski”

“HB, I love how you dream wild and with your drive and confidence you’ll do it. A strong woman with a kind heart, go forth and conquer! All my love Luis”

“Fiery HB, Thank you for being a mirror to me. For helping me to see some of my karma. It must not have been a comfortable seat to sit in! I can only be grateful for you being so graceful about it.
It is just beautiful to see how you have helped so many here with their struggles, fears and karma.
Stay big, be beautiful, BE GREAT! Hard Om, Om Tat Sat.”

“Hollie-Berri you have a wild and powerful shake energy and a generous heart. Your healings have been totally transformative and I look forward to seeing your shamanic practices grow and thrive. You also have great hair- totally befitting a Shakti Goddess! Love Emily”

“I am powerful, I am fearless, I am. talented, I am strong, I am emotional….. you have helped me through my transformation to feel all of this power again. I love your energy. I love your smile. What a woman you are, thank you for connecting with me, thank you for showing me so much love and support. I can’t wait to see you again and hang out. I feel very safe around you and you make me feel very happy and I love your hair, I love your smile, I love that sparkle in your eyes. I am so grateful to have met you. I love you! Sara”

“HB, we clicked on day one! I love your passion, energy and no-nonsense approach to life! you are a truly amazing human being; you care, you support and you give! Keep on being you! I am blessed to now have you as a friend! Much much love, PJ”

“HB! You big, warm, fuzzy, loving human. I see a lot of me in you to be honest my friend and sometimes that can be a little confronting, and I love the way you show up for yourself and for other people, I love how you learn and change at a rapid pace and I’m looking forward to getting to share more fun times with you, you crazy cat! Much love Ryan.”
“Hollie-Berri what to say apart from “you are awesome!”. You are such a beautiful person, and I am very grateful that I crossed your path on earth. I have never met such a woman as you who is strong, genuine, generous,caring and sensitive. Not to mention all these gifts and talents that you have and that you share with people. You do so much for others without expecting anything in return except for their expansion. Thank you for always sharing the love, the fun and sharing your soul with me.Thank you for what you have done for me. I really appreciate how deep you are and yet can be completely lost in laughter as well. Oh that laugh! You are an authentic and powerful healer. Happiness and Love Audrey”

“Captain Mojo! Your smile and infectious laugh warm up the room and bring it to life. Your kindness, compassion and authenticity are inspiring and an example of loving life as you speak it! You are an honest, empathetic and warm friend and Im so happy I met you. You inspire me as to how I want to raise my kids, how to look at the world and how to love life to the fullest. Thank you for your help at this time. And thank you so much for the deep laughs!! hahahahahahah! It has been a great life changing experience. I am thankful for you. Love Shell”

“Well, you sure are an interesting person!I love how you drop me little nuggets of wisdom since we met. It has helped me alot in my life and I am never to forget you….. like ever! haha. Love Eloise”

“HB, Bold light and vivacious!
You share your gifts and wisdom with the world with pride. Thank you very much for the powerful session with me, it really helped me to put some things down. You will be even more of a force when you ascend even further(how much further could there be?) I love your broad smile and sparkly eyes! And how many times you say ‘love’ in a day. Love Lexi”

“Hollie-Berri Im glad you talked to me and opened the door to connection. I really enjoy and admire your big energy- powerhouse- I saw how kind and caring you are to everyone and how others are attracted to you. Its nice seeing everyone around you and you holding authenticity and values. I am so blessed to have met you and spent so much time with you over the past weeks. Astrid”

Your healing is your choice.

You can expand your consciousness and live a great life if you choose to. HB is the key. HB will lovingly and kindly clear you and prep you for your journey forward.
You will leave in positive polarity, with courage and knowingness firmly grounded and powerfully adjusted into freedom