Meet Hollie-Berri

Hollie-Berri McQueen adv dip CH, NLP, HCA, GOAH, AHA, MYC

Hi Community!

Thanks so much for honouring me with your time.

I was born with strong intuitive healing powers and chose to utilised and share them to the benefit of my Community to share my high vibration. I am willing to help you to navigate through your life in these powerful forms of therapy and healing and clear the way for you to go on and help others. I have matured and have stepped into wise woman crone epoch to aid in soul operations, and be a conduit between spirit and living. The longer I live, the stronger the knowledge and soul connection has become.

A few of my qualifications include; Shamaness Lightworker Healer | Clinical Hypnotherapist incl Paediatric | Psychotherapist | Podcaster | Blogger | Death Doula | Sound Therapy | Frequency Health |Psychic Readings| 850hr Meditation & Yoga Life Coach – Yoga Alliance accredited | Author & Speaker | Designer |Workshops & Retreats | Markets

I have accumulated some beautiful experiences and acquired a plethora of skills in my life. I am passionate about everything I do. I am passionate about teaming with you.

I have found that my choices and grit have enabled me to tap into the self discovery of great resources. My journey and personal success allows me to teach and lead others to say ‘yes’, to healthy calculated risk, and to create a purposeful life filled with power, love and joy.

In this lifetime I realised at a very young age that I am a intuitive guide, leader, teacher, and carer. I ultimately describe myself as a ‘joiner’ which translates to joining people to themselves, source, their lives and the community.

My ability to connect with people from all walks of life and cultures excites me because of my love for community and diversity. I have a range of qualifications and have lived the challenges of extensive solo adventure travels across continents. Over the past 32 years I have lived in many time zones and my open mind has allowed me to connect with myself, and because of this, I have the opportunity to build easy rapport with others and create profoundly powerful change. I use my accumulated skills such as an Afrikan safari guide, a swim coach, learn to swim instructor, nanny, tour leader, climb leader, lifeguard, florist, spiritual intuitive quantum healer and leader, holistic counsellor, marriage celebrant, jewellery designer, clinical hypnotherapist, death and grief doula, sound therapy, frequency health, yoga and of course meditation coach to power up my tribe.

There is nothing more fulfilling than when I give a person a recipe to follow to create their success and they follow it. They manifest well and begin to create their desired outcome through discipline, motivation and self belief. Often I find self worth inhibits people from thriving, and as soon as I teach the person to ‘power up’, no matter if they are a child or an adult, their smiles get broad their shoulders square up and they stand tall. It’s a beautiful transition and sight to behold. It humbles me.

I feel so blessed to have such willing and open students, and motivated Patients.

I LOVE love.

I love life and I love happiness. I love sharing my methods for a healthier world community.

I would love to connect with you.